Peace and Quiet at Waharau

It has been weeks being in lockdown and I really thought Rafe’s wheels were going to be square. Time to bust out and get away for a couple of nights.

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Lots of parking spots

I’ve always wanted to find out about a POP that was reputed to be really popular on the Waharau coast and thought maybe now is the time. Lots of parking spots

With Auckland still in lockdown and being on my own, I rang Andrew at the Pop and asked if they were open for a double jabbed visitor. It was all good so off I went.

The Beach over the road.

An hour or so later and I was there talking to Andrew’s camp manager Rod. The Beach over the road.

Rod was telling me that because the border was a k or so north and the police checkpoint for the border was a K or so south, they were technically in Waikato which is level 2 and legal to stay at, but due to the checkpoint, no one could get to them so they had been really really quiet.

So for Aucklanders, a level 2 Campground in the Waikato but without crossing the checkpoint!

The levels of parking

Everyone in Auckland assumed the checkpoint was on the Waikato boundary so no access.. a real dilemma!

The Creek

Andrew’s parents purchased the 200 acres of scrub in the 60’s and then had to turn it into a farm.

Rods Office in the truck

There is a small Kauri forest on the back of the farm which you can walk up to. The bigger Kauris have all been milled decades ago but its a nice reminder of what was once there.

Classic Loo

The camp is a classic with a small stream running most of the way around one side. There are 4 powered, graveled sites, all on different levels plus some unpowered on grass sites.

Shower Tree

The loo is a classic recycled corrugated iron shed but it all works. One of the most popular items here is an old copper for heating the water for showers. With plenty of firewood on hand, you light the fire, heat the water, put in a 20 litre container (provided) and there is a winch for winding it up a tree. Thats the shower mixed with some cold water to get the right temperature. You can also use the hot water in a private shower over a bath setup if you’d prefer. Great setup!

The Copper

Almost directly across the road is a beach on the edge of the Firth of Thames looking straight out to the Coromandel Peninsular.. just bliss.

The Seal on the rock

After parking Rafe and checking out the Camp area and being followed everywhere by a very friendly chook, I went for a walk down to the beach.

Dusk at the beach

While I was just watching the antics of the Shags sitting on the rocks, there was some movement in the water nearby. It was a Seal who climbed up on the rock ruining the Shag’s day 🙂 He was now King of the Castle.. Andrew told me later that he’s been coming to the beach for years every year since he was a pup.

Rafe’s tracker map to Kauri View Farm – Armada GPS

There aren’t too many places left in this world where you can get a powered site for 2 for $12 and with a big welcoming smile. A lovely spot, great hosts and a fantastic place to go if you just want to do very little.

2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet at Waharau”

  1. fantastic Chris, did you travel from Akl? keen to do this but understand that the instructions from you know who indicated Aucklanders could not spend the night away?


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