The Plan

A Plan ?  .. well there sort of a plan  and there sort of isn’t.

Once our house is rented out, we will have a few more coins in the pocket to travel with.  Initially, we’re going to do a toe in the water type of thing where we have a room with our stuff in it so we can work 3 days a week and then vanish to who knows where.

I have some real long time loyal photographic clients who I don’t want to let down so I’ll keep their work going and Madam will carry on her work as Practice Manager.  .. we’ll get away for nearly a week at a time in between times.


We’re getting to an age now where we are finding our friends getting older, the odd heart attack here and the odd bit of cancer there, so we feel we should be getting on and doing things while our arms and legs still work and before illness or age prevents us from travelling.

One of the things that’s annoyed me most about being self employed is the lack of holidays and the inability to be able to switch off completely. No holiday pay etc.. I’m not complaining… merely an observation 🙂

Madan and Rafe at Coromandel Motor camp
Madan and Rafe at Coromandel Motor camp

.. so the time will come where I will switch everything off so I can enjoy some time off .. but not just yet. .. but we can bugger off for a week at a time in the meantime 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Hi Chris and Fiona, we met at Athenree hotpools and got talking about broadband. Just a query, do you just have the basic modem from NetSpeed or the aerial/attenna? We see NZMCA have come up with Wireless Nation in the latest mag.


    1. If you have a lot of glass or plastic sides on your van, you might not need aerials. I’ve got aerials but have an aluminium van. Stick with Netspeed as their network is fast and they’re good to deal with. Husband and wife team. Sing out if you need any help.
      Cheers, Chris


  2. Hi Chris = Ruslyn here we also meet you at Parakai hot pools and talk about net speed Wi-Fi and have just had it fitted and set up with chromecast and apple tv both working great thanks for that info
    Ian & Lynda


  3. HI we are looking to head to uk in May and buy a motor home to travel in for 6 months. Totally confused with the period of time we can visit. Will we need a visa to stay for longer in the EU than 3 months. Your help would be appreciated


    1. I’m not sure about visa requirements but the biggest obstacle is drivers license and insurance.
      You cannot drive a vehicle in the Uk that has a GVM if mire than 3500kg unless you have the equivalent of a UK class 2 license. You cannot get insurance for said vehicle unless you have a uk postal address and have the correct license.
      Anything under 3500kg is quite small and in my opinion not worth going to the trouble to bring back with you.
      We rented,


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