The man at the Ministers Tavern

We were early to check in to the Lamb Hotel so we went for a wander around Ely...After checking out the Cathedral which is massive, we headed down the main street towards a market.

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Inside the cathedral

The buildings are amazing and the streetscapes just sensational. Everywhere you looked, there was a piccy.

The cathedral at Ely

We ended up in a pub called the Ministers Tavern right opposite from the cathedral and the Lamb Hotel along the road a bit. The barman was wearing a Lions rugby jersey and when I asked for a Chardy, he described it as cheap aussie stuff so I was really pleased to be able to tell him we were Kiwis but I’m sure he knew anyway.

Our friendly barman with the Lions jersey.

He was more interested in telling us that the Lions beat the Maoris with a huge smile on his face.
We talked briefly about the Lions tour and he was a real rugby follower. Nice guy too. He was pleased when I told him that the cheap Aussie Chardy was actually quite nice! It was the only Chardy he had! We checked in at a wine shop around the corner and they seemed to be light on the Chardonnay offerings too.

It was too hot for wandering around much more so we went back to the Hotel for a blob.

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    1. Hi Pamela
      That’s great. Thanks.
      I’m using my “B” camera at the moment as it doesn’t really matter if it gets damaged. It is a Nikon D3. Quite old now.
      I also have the newer D4 which I have used up until recently for commercial clients which is safely tucked away in NZ.


      1. Isn’t technology wonderful. There you are in Ely and I am here in a very soggy Whangarei.
        I thank you for the info and look forward to seeing more of your travels
        Just upgraded to a Roller Team Discovery and love it to bits.


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