One the Czech Republics Hidden Gems

We got a rental while we were in Prague so we could leave the motorhomes at the campsite and have a look around. One of the planned outings if you like, was to Cesky Kumlov which is 150k’s southwest of Prague.

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One of the Squares. Gary, Fiona and Dianne on the right

It is now a UNESCO protected World Heritage site.

A weary traveller having a rest.. Gary in the blue on the right

We set off about 9am and after a stop or two along the way, we arrived at Cesky Kumlov. The town was established in the 1400’s and was then German. Most of the buildings in the town were built in the 1500’s due to a discovery of Gold by the castle.

The town is built on what is almost an island by the course of the fast flowing river that almost completely surrounds it. The castle was closed on the day we were there as it was Monday. I’m not quite sure how that works but never mind.

The Castle above the town

There were a few bus load of tourists there but nothing like other places we’ve been to. We had a great meal in a restaurant by the river and walked around the village.

A stunning wee town and if it wasn’t for the local knowledge of Gary and Dianne, we would never have known about it.  A great day out. Thanks guys.

7 thoughts on “One the Czech Republics Hidden Gems”

  1. Great place. We loved it and also had a nice meal at a restaurant looking over the river.
    It’s cool reading other people’s travels tales that are similar to our own.
    Happy travels Jan


  2. Looks wonderful – we are enjoying tagging along.
    As for “closed on Monday” National Trust and probably other attractions in England do that too, as we found out after driving a long distance to visit Sutton Hoo on a Monday. Most annoying, especially when your time is limited.


  3. Went to that town last July , the visit through the castle is superb, up to the top of tower in your photos the look down on the river and township is something …loved the place.. Ross K


  4. Isnt it just the the most beautiful little town? To be recommended to anyone going to the Czech Republic. Our daughter-in-law pointed
    us in that direction and we are so pleased she did. We visited independently in 2005 and returned when on an Eastern Europen tour in 2008.


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