Raglan at its best


After the rugby
The bridge to Raglan

We were up early to be joined by Dianne and Gary to watch the All Blacks play Namibia.. What a great first half and great that Namibia scored a try. The second half. Well !

Breakfast time

A walk up to Raglan town across the foot bridge was next on the agenda so we crossed the footbridge from the campground to the town and checked in a one of the cafes for breakfast. A tour around the crafty shops and although I’m not a great shopper, I was on my best behaviour😜

The wharf
The perfect house
Repairing a fishing boat

Raglan has an amazing wharf area with a great fish shop. There is also what Madam thinks is the best pottery and jewellery shop around. We stopped for a cup of tea and watched some fishermen repairing their nets.

There is an old silo there which has been turned into flats.

The fish shop
Repairing nets
Fiona and Dianne enjoying the view

We set a course for home and Gary and I had a crack at getting the NZMCA kml tikes into his Gps.

After an anxious hour or so after the Nav software wouldn’t play the game on Gary’s Mac, I remembered where the files went and we managed to set the path and install the files manually… We hadn’t buggered it up after all.😀

We celebrated with some great fish and chips in the new XLI with a glass or two of something cold😎

Back to the vans

Today we’re off to Marton to meet Gary and Chris for the trip to Wellington.

2 thoughts on “Raglan at its best”

  1. I really enjoyed walking around Raglan. As you said, great Fush and chups. I had quite a bit of trouble getting the blog pad program to get this blog up. In the end I accidentally deleted it and had to do it twice.. Bugger. I’ll go through it in Wellington and tidy up the grammar once I get some decent wifi.
    Andrew took Rorqual out for the first time on his own yesterday. All good.


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