Tom and Erin’s retro Mitzi

Tom and Erin were my neighbours at Port Waikato holiday park and are based in Fielding. They bought their very Retro looking 1988 Mitsibishi L300 from some recently arrived South Africans who brought it with them when they arrived in NZ but then decided to buy a new Dethleffs.

The van with all its colourful awnings.
The van with all its colourful awnings.

For a small van, I was expecting not enough room to swing a cat but was hugely surprised by the amount of storage and little spaces being used really creatively. There is even a drinks cabinet!

They’ve had this van now for more than 11 years and have been everywhere several times with no issues.
One of the first things they did was make it NZ CSC compliant by adding grey water tanks and fine tuning a few other things. They also changed the TV setup to digital from UHF, changed the lighting to LED along with some upgrades to squabs etc.

Spacious seating arsa
Spacious seating area

They plan to continue their regular weekend trips to their favourite Foxton Beach weekend spot along with more cruising around NZ.
A well kept, neat looking van with lots of charm.

2 thoughts on “Tom and Erin’s retro Mitzi”

  1. So nice to see an older L300 all set up like this.Was it Diesil or Petrol? Most are Petrol.There are always a few up for sale on TradeMe but I wonder why?.If they are this good people should hold on to them.Of course the body design is a little different than that made in Sth Africa.But great to see that the new owners love it!!.Im keeping an eye out for one of “AdventureVan’s” ex rentals.A 1990s Toyota-Toyoace mid sized motorhome with bed at the rear and over cab. From James.


    1. Hi James
      This one was a 2l petrol. What struck me is that for a smaller, older van, they were really happy with it and it’s condition. They’ve really looked after it.
      They’ve had it for 11 years and intend keeping it for at least another couple of years. To me, that says a lot.
      Nice to hear from you


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