Sunset Jandals

I’ve been wanting to check out Port Waikato with Rafe for a while now after reading such good reviews of the Motorcamp there with the Jandals covered fence in the usual camping apps.

Jandal covered fence
Jandal covered fence

The weather forecast wasn’t good. The forecast was for up to 40 knots from the south east with showers easing overnight so I thought Port Waikato would be good being on the west coast.
I booked in on the way and there was plenty of room being almost mid week.

"Ers and Mine" matching Motorhome and Bach Within the camp
“Ers and Mine” matching Motorhome and Bach within the camp next to Rafe.
Caravan setups within the camp
Permanent Caravans within the camp

I arrived and checked in with a delightful French chap who seemed to be in charge. He couldn’t have been more helpful, showing me how to get to the beach, where the cafe was.
The camp ground is well setup. Big parking spots with plenty of room for awnings. Nicely kept toilets, laundry, tv  lounge and a nice BBQ area.
Within 5 minutes of arriving, I met my neighbours who were parked quite a distance away and as the time ticked away, we had the customary happy hour or so at 5pm in Rafe.

After tea, I went for a walk around to the sand dunes and a general nosey around. The baches and buildings are amazing for being quite eclectic. All different colours too. There was even a pink one! I always said that I make all the important decisions, she decides what’s important! I guess his colour choice wasn’t considered important 😊

The pink Bach
The pink bach

I had a quick look around the beach with the camera before joining my neighbours at the Cafe for a quick coffee.

The Sand dunes
The Sand dunes

A neat spot to stay and it’s only 90 minutes from  Auckland. I bet it’s busy in the height of summer.

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