Outside my window …..

Yesterday morning, I pulled into Ray’s Rest mainly just to have a cup of tea, something to eat and tidy up Rafe. This included putting my towel and togs on my bike rack clothes line.

Some action at Ray's Rest
Some action at Ray’s Rest

As it does, lunch time came around fairly quickly so I closed the roof hatches, shut the windows and I was heading  into Kaiaua for fish and chips for lunch. I’d just arrived back when my neighbour came over to tell me that I had left in such a hurry that I’d left my towel and togs on the  bike rack line. The towel was still there but the togs had vanished!

I ate the fish and chips while they were hot, Gurnard and a couple of scallops. Yum!  Then set off in Rafe to look for my togs. Just down the road about 100 metres from Ray’s Rest towards Kaiaua were my togs on the side of the road in a shrub! Memo to self:  I must make sure I clear the clothesline before taking off 😳

So, feeling like a bit of a chump, I went over and thanked my neighbour giving him the good news that it was bone dry 😄  It’s just as well my togs are bright orange!

Back at Ray’s Rest, not a puff of the forecast wind, hardly any clouds to be seen, I decided to stay the night.

In the morning on the beach
In the morning on the beach

The sunset was amazing… As was the morning again today.  It’s easy to see why so many Motorhomers stay here.

looking out of the window last night at Ray's Rest
looking out of the window last night at Ray’s Rest
Dusk at Ray's Rest
Dusk at Ray’s Rest

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The View out of my window this morning.
The View out of my window this morning.


6 thoughts on “Outside my window …..”

  1. Listening to the Waikato rural Police band last night,(Sat) I heard the end of a problem someone had caused at the pop behind the Kaiaua public toilets.It’s the peice of land with the “Iron Maiden” so many of us have parked up on for over night stays where the tide comes in and boaties put their boats out.It seems a guy in his car had caused problems to the motorhomers there and the AK police helicoptor “Eagle” was up above,Waikato police as well as Manukau counties police attended.The Police Dog ute was also on it’s way,but by the time it got there the guy had turned himself in.He was arrested but I didnt hear if he was taken back to Manukau or Hamilton Police station.I didnt know Hamilton/Waikato Police work right up as far as Kaiaua area.His car was impounded and towed away.If anyone reading this was acturly at the POP,maybe they can tell us what acturly happened.I often monitor the Rural channels but just switched on to get half way through what was going on.


    1. Interesting James, knowing that the police will respond that quickly around there will make people feel happier about staying there.
      The night before my stay at Ray’s Rest, there was an infantile cretin doing donuts at the end of Ray’s Rest.
      As soon as Motorhome lights came on he disappeared.


  2. For those outside NZ and for me, gives a clue of the general location, eg Where the hell is Ray’s Rest -near which town? I deduce is near Port Waikato or on the way there?


    1. Ray’s rest is on the other side of the Firth of Thames from Thames.
      In between Miranda and Kaiaua, home if the best fish and chips in the world.


    2. Well I dont know about your use of that word “hell”,because us Kiwi Camper’s like to keep our posts “Clean”.Thanks.Ray’s Rest or Ray’s Nest,as I call it,you wont find it on any road map!But it’s a treasured spot in the Northisland of NZ, in the middle of nowhere,and us Motorhomer’s just love it.Looking up at the stars on a clear night is just Magic!! .


  3. Not related to the above,but did anyone know that the Paeroa RV “Buy and Sell” Motorhome “Expo” was canceled last weekend? I wasnt aware that they acturly do have a web site.But reading in our NZMCA mag,it sure was advertised on the date shown.So off we went down there from Auckland on the Friday night,since we have not been there in a long while and stayed over night at the Paeroa POP behind Count down.But to our supprise the following morning,to find a big notice on the closed gate “Sale Closed” in big letters.Along with our motorhome were a few others who had all traveled from afar.So we all decided to go in and find out why? Only to be told that not enough had registed @ $77 each for the sale so they canceled it.We were also told if we had checked their web site,it would have saved us all the traveling.So hows that??.I just happen to have mine up for sale,but I wasnt going to pay that sum of money either,and I dont use TradeMe because a lot of seller’s are just Gold diggers,wheelers and dealers.


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