Wandering Linen

Both the Dethleffs and the Burstner and I think most other European Fiat based Motorhomes with the centre island bed come with a shorter Queen sized bed, with a insert that you can add if you’re a tall person. The duvets on them, largely bunch up and the weight of them tends to drag down to the floor overnight leaving you with no linen. While this is great in summer, it’s not so flash when it’s freezing cold in winter.

The Tailboard on the bed.
The Tailboard on the bed.

One of my changes in Rafe was to get Vantage RV in Silverdale, our local Dethleffs experts, to make up a tailboard and screw it onto the base. I’ve since modified this to work with the mattress insert as my feet kept touching the board in the night.
It works really well and the duvets now behave themselves and apart from wandering sideways when someone gets cold! The linen is still on the bed in the morning.
TailboardAn easy solution and well worth doing.

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