Digital Art

Over the last few years, I’ve been grabbing the odd piccie during my travels around and just tucking them away.
I did at one stage sell prints from them  through a few local Devonport Galleries and although it went reasonably well,  it wasn’t ever really something you could live off.

Muriwai Beach
Muriwai Beach

These images are literally lurking in far off directories on back up removable drives and have generally been getting in the way. This is just a small selection of them.  More can be seen here

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All images are protected by copyright.

I am putting these online so those who want them can buy sensibly priced prints off them. The shopping cart isn’t configured yet but will be soon. 🙂

All the South Island images were taken when we took our wee caravan “Wee Rafe” around Otago and beyond in early 2014. The Europe images were taken when we went on a Canal boat trip and bus tour through Italy and France in 2010.

2027One last one of Burano to finish off with.