Slipping Carpet

After having the carpet laid in the van by the carpet layer, we ended up with quite a lot of bits left over.

I cut these up in the high wear areas, like in the Galley, by the Dining table and between the Shower and Toilet area and we had those overlocked too.

The first few trips away, we were nearly driven nuts by the rugs creeping across the floor, and trying to climb or bunch up against the bottom of the walls.
My first attempt at stopping this was after a trip to Mitre 10 where I bought a packet of plastic stuff for $9 that allegedly  would stop this but after a trip away(the Shakespeare Park trip ), we decided we were wasting our time.

So I ended up back at Carpet Extreme in Tawa Drive in Albany where I bought the carpet originally, and they put me onto some stuff called Rug Hold. You buy it by the metre (about $32 odd a metre ). I bought 2 metres and it was just enough.. Brilliant stuff and it actually sticks to the carpet like tape.

It sticks to your shoes too while you’re cutting it. 🙂  I’m sure you can buy it from most carpet retailers.

It’s like underfelt with glue on both sides and the feel when you stand on it, is quite different like a really flash underfelt, and you can feel too that it isn’t going to slip around.

If you have this problem, now you know how to solve it !

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  1. Thank you for all the info. I would like to replace our carpet next spring so it’s good to have a recommendation. Albany suits me fine too.


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