Clean Glasses at last

Isn’t it great when we all get together at a spot in our Motorhomes and over a glass of something cold, all the good ideas come out.

Close up on the doormat
Close up on the doormat

rugsOn our last catchup with our friends, Gary and Dianne, Fiona found out about Norwex dish cloths and door mats. The door mats are fantastic as they have different textures on them so not only do they soak up the moisture from wet feet coming into your motorhome but they also pick up bits of grass and stuff too.
norwexThe tea towel is fantastic as well. It’s the first time I’ve seen a tea towel dry a wine glass without leaving cloudy streaks everywhere. norwexThey also seem to keep drying where a conventional tea towel would be saturated. I’m convinced!

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  1. I like the idea of the Norwex rug for our caravan. Can you please advise if you bought these products locally or on-line? I had a quick look on the web but couldn’t find a stockist.

    Many thanks


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