On the waterfront

After staying near our friends in Snells Beach, Rob and Helen for Robs birthday (a big round number!), in the morning, they spoiled us with a beautiful big breakfast. I’m not really a big breakfast person but this was amazing and such that I wouldn’t want to eat until late afternoon, despite all the tempting treats in the area.

A lone paddler at Snells Beach

We visited a couple of places a little before and after lunch but still couldn’t be tempted to eat🤗.

Rafe on the waterfront at Whangateau

We ended up staying at the Whangateau holiday park which is an Auckland City run campground like Orewa. They had an off peak deal happening where they were doing a significant discount so we were up for that! 😎 The tide was out when we arrived and it was a bit gloomy initially with the weather, but that improved to the point where stayed an extra night. A lovely spot right on the water.

The next morning it fined up with a nice blue sky so I went for a bit of a walk around the park. WhangateauIt is well set up, a nicely kept dump station, nice clean loos, everything anyone could want!

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