Cyril and Gail’s Outback Trail

After many years of travelling with 3 caravans, Taupo caravanners, Cyril and Gail ordered a 5th wheeler from Michigan in the US. kuratauIt was a an Outback Trail all setup for NZ or Australia so no wiring issues. While they were doing that, they also imported their 6.4 litre V8 diesel Ford F350 4 by 4 and what a beast that is.

Cyril with the 6.4 l V8
Cyril with the 6.4 l V8

The whole rig looks amazing and Cyril says it drives really well.

Lots of space
Lots of space
The Bedroom
The Bedroom

With the slide outs there is plenty of room  and it all looks very comfortable with all the mod cons.kuratauThey’ve recently completed a 5 month trip around the South Island and although they’ve been around most of the North Island, there are still some new places to explore.

We caught up them at the recent Kuratau rally by Lake Taupo.

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