Getting rid of cooking moisture

When we first bought our van, we looked at the option of getting an extractor fan over the cooking area but decided there were too many other things higher up the pecking order.  Deckchairs, tables, barbeques and mats but having seen how they work in other vans, we decided it was time to finally do it.

On a not so sunny Wednesday morning, I took the van up to my favorite RV place in Silverdale, Vantage RV to get the extractor fitted.  Phil got the short straw and got stuck in.

Phil unwrapping the unit
Phil unwrapping the unit

After unpacking it and sizing it up, he cut the hole in the bottom and middle shelf for the Vent and then later through the roof.

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Once on top, it was time to slide in the plastic vent and seal it up with a cap.

The end result
The end result

There were two lights that were there under the cupboard which were removed and replaced by the built in ones on the fan.

Screwing in the unit
Screwing in the unit

After wiring it all in, the unit was screwed in and put together.

All done
All done

We’ve since been away and it works a treat. You can see steam off the food going straight out. A very worthwhile upgrade. Thanks Phil.

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