A Latte in a Small Town

On our way North, we stopped in at Warkworth.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to Warkworth as its one of those towns that you tend to drive through rather than stop at and it never disappoints. 

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The River
The River

We parked down by the river where there is one big Motohome park which Rafe fits in like a glove. It must be 7.6m long 🙂 

Our carpark by the river
Our carpark by the river

We went for a walk along the river side and then around to a French cafe in the town. I couldn’t believe how many Cafes and Real Estate agents there are in Warkworth. The Cafes are pretty much all next door to each other too. 

After a nice lunch, we went for a walk around the shops and then we headed back down to the river to Rafe. 

WarkworthIt’s all looking very nice. The council have done a great job with local business’s contributing to the costs. It seem to be enjoyed by many while we were there and is a really nice place for lunch or just a stopping off point.

Motorhome Parking
Motorhome Parking

There is also motorhome parking at the end of the main shopping road within walking distance to the river.

8 thoughts on “A Latte in a Small Town”

  1. Chris and Fiona, been reading your blog ever since we ordered our van from Jonas, and enjoying it very much. Also appreciating your superb photography. Looking forward to bumping into you two eventually as we have taken possession of our T4 and begun our new adventures. Paul & Judith.


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