One of my favourite Motorcamps

One of my first ever camps that we tried with both Wee Rafe, the little caravan we had and with “Big Rafe” was Miranda Holiday Park on the Firth of Thames waterfront.
It’s not too far if you forget something crucial and it’s not too far if you have a catastrophe and it’s got an amazing Hot Pool. Those who have been reading my ramblings with know how I like the odd Hot Pool!

mirandaWith nothing in the book and our second annual services complete, I was out of town. My first thought .. Miranda and I thought it was probably time I did a story on it too.

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mirandaThere is one thing that many Holiday Parks get wrong is the placement of trees. Whoever designed Miranda obviously thought about it as there are only two parks where you can’t get TV due to a tree being in the way. Fantastic.

One night it was pretty winy and this chap slept right through it.
One night it was pretty winy and this chap slept right through it.

Nice big holes to park in and mostly Gravel for Motorhomes and some grass ones.

Fiona enjoying the pool
Fiona enjoying the pool

Plenty of trees for shelter, a mini golf course, a bmx track for the nippers, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a massage person and of course the hot pool.

The showers are superb and are timed but very generously means you always get one., and there are plenty of them.
There are a mixture of rentable chalets and Apartments which look good too.

The Pets area outside
The Pets area outside

There is also a pet section which is outside the main camp but within easy walking from the pools and showers etc.
Behind is the famous Miranda Hot pools and a fantastic Fish and Chip shop so you don’t have to drive to Kaiaua. An all round easy camp staffed by nice people.

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