Let’s Trim the Trees !

Over the last few months, we’ve had various council people meeting with tree people, and more recently crane people, and the other day, some cone people turned up to get me to shift Rafe and coned off the carpark.

The trees .. the one on the left was leaning on the house, the other two had borer
The trees .. the one on the left was leaning on the house, the other two had borer.

Its all been about some 300 yr old Pohutakawa trees that cover us and our neighbours. One of the trees lost a limb in a storm a few years ago and damaged the roof requiring a full roof replacement so there  has  been some concern in some of the biggest blows we’ve had recently.

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Our land lady tried to cut them back a few years ago  but council people and red tape kept getting the way.

Let the fun begin
Let the fun begin

Recently  some new aborists and council tree specialists met and decided that as one tree that was leaning on the house and the other two were riddled with borer they had to go. As one was a neighbour’s and it wouldn’t survive the wind on its own, the landlady had to deal with that too making things slightly more complicated.

inga-treesIn the end, the council backed it and the cone people, the stop/go girls, the crane people, the tree people all turned up and things started to happen.  The traffic was blocked off and away they went.
It was great to watch. I’m not sure that its my kind of job but when you them scramble up the trees with all their gear and see how high they go, it’s amazing.

They had planned to take two days but they got through it pretty quickly and around lunchtime the second day, they were packing things away.

The Throne
The Throne

Everything went well.. A few people came around to make sure we had permission and to check the trees were a dead loss. We ended up getting a collection of borer ridden bits and leaving them along the grass for the sightseers to look at.

The two stumps are neat. One has been turned into a throne and the other has a bowl carved out of it for holding ice and wine or beer bottles.  Very nice.

Its all done .. The Neighbours remain tree on the right.
Its all done .. The Neighbours remain tree on the right.

I’ve been thinking about the big Queen Palms at our tenanted house in Devonport.  Maybe we should make them vanish before a someone notices them 🙂

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