The Mission Estate

Leaving Kerikeri and heading west, I stumbled over the Mission House at Waimate. An amazing old house built by Maoris under the direction of Rev Samuel Marsden in 1832, the idea was to teach local Maori some of the European tricks of building and farming.

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The Mission House

As I came into the carpark, there was one spot next to the Church entrance where I could back Rafe in and leave the front wheels on the gravel.

Rafe parked by the doorway!

The church is fascinating with some of the oldest graves you’re likely to see anywhere. There is one spectacular gravestone what must have been a local chief or Kamatua that looks well looked after. It must be of some significance but there was no one around to ask about it.

Not sure whos grave this is but its impressive

After this, I went into the house. I’m a real sucker for things old and well looked after so this was really interesting. There was even an old woodturning Lathe there too.

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Its amazing how well it was built given the construction methods of the day. The stairs were crazy. You’d never get away with those today 🙂

The living room

Well worth a visit and only $10 a head to have a good wander around.