Majestic Mountains

A stunning part of the South Island, Arthurs Pass .. a repost

The view from our park at Jacksons Retreat
The view from our park at Jacksons Retreat

After lunch in Hokitika, we walked back over the bridge to the SouthPark NZMCA park and got ready to leave for Arthur’s pass. We were going to stay at Jacksons retreat which has won several awards as campsite of the year. They had something I’d never seen before which was 4-5 bay open side barn like structures set up for Motorhomes. While we were there, there were three tents and a Motorhome in one of them. The weather must be that rough that they have to shelter in these structures!Β All the Motorhome parks are set up on terraces, all getting a view of the bridge to Lake Brunner and the river. It is well setup with new clean toilets and showers and a laundry. A nice spot.
It the only place to stay on that road until Arthur’s Pass and then you’re at the mercy of the Keas!

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The old pub at Otira
The old pub at Otira

We stopped briefly at Otira and Arthur’s Pass but cruised on to Klondyke for lunch, a nicely setup stop by the river.

When's lunch!
When’s lunch!.. At Klondyke
At Klondyke in the Arthur's Pass National Park
At Klondyke in the Arthur’s Pass National Park
Klondyke in the Arthur's pass national park
Klondyke in the Arthur’s pass national park
Arthur's Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Another Arthur's Pass pic
Another Arthur’s Pass pic
Lake Pearson
Lake Pearson

I remember Arthur’s pass being a pig to get through but even with a nearly 8m Motorhome found it relatively easy.

Over the mountains on the road from Darfield to Christchurch
Over the mountains on the road from Darfield to Christchurch

We stopped regularly for piccies and eventually at Darfield for a cup of tea before we arrived at one of NZMCA ‘s larger parks at Weedons, just out of Christchurch.

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