The Shiny Rosa

We all know how buses come in all shapes and sizes and this is why I find them amazing with self conversions as to what gets squeezed in and the décor.

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Paul, Ruth and Wilson the Labradoodle with their Motorhome behind.

My next door neighbours in Pauanui, Paul and Ruth were no exception to the surprises with their amazing bus.

Shiny new paint!

Their 2008 Mitsubishi Rosa was one of a fleet of 10 or so 19 seaters that had been downsized due to the Covid lockdown. Paul had the choice of a few but they are all bright red! When Paul made a mention of the colour, “We can paint it any colour you like in our paint bay”! So it was given a new paint job too !


Over the course of 6 weeks off work, they both got stuck in and completely redid the insides to make it work as a motorhome and it looks fantastic.

Looking back to the Bedroom area, Wilson’s bed below.

A King size bed right across the back with a bed underneath for their big Labradoodle underneath.

Oven and Microwave

On either side of the hallway on the sides are the toilet and shower on one side and the pantry, oven and galley on the other.

Loo with a view with the shower beside. No vision from the outside!

At the front is a table for 4 with new seats which were apparently a nightmare getting them certified for seat belts, and were installed on a solid plate together which in turn is bolted to the floor.

Looking down the hall to the Pantry

As Paul said it is still very much work in progress but from what I saw, on their first trip away, its all looking really good and very functional.

The Galley

We were sitting down outside after the images  and catching up on some of the details on their Motorhome when out of the blue, we realised that Paul’s brother and I used to work together at the Auckland Star back in the late 1980’s! .. Small world 🙂

Nice people, great motorhome and its going to look pretty flash when its all done.