Awanui – almost the centre of Northland!

It is a really handy spot and this is where one of the most recently opened NZMCA parks is.

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Plenty of flat room

On one side is the main rd northwards to Pukenui and beyond up to Cape Reinga and the other side has a river winding its way past. It’s a lovely flat site.

Fantastic spot to park

I was intrigued by the sign in hut or cupboard as it really is. The face on profile looks like a significant small building but if you look at the side profile, its looks very different 🙂 Very clever.

The front profile 🙂
The side profile of the “shed”

We had spent the previous two nights up at Pukenui intending to drive up to Cape Reinga but after coming across a company based in Kaitaia only 7 k’s or so down the road, they suggested that we get ourselves here before 9am the next morning so they could pick us up before heading up the beach to Cape Reinga. They had a modified Truck which was a Petrol Tanker in a past life and modified it for use on the beach with 4-wheel drive and sand tyres. .. so here we are..

Nice safe spot

The Caravanner next door had his two grandsons with him and was catching the same bus. The park is fantastic and makes life very easy to plan your way around Northland. Well done to the volunteers who set it up.

Rafe’s tracker map to the Awanui NZMCA park – Armada GPS