Lunch at Shakespeare

Mike & Wendy with their Rapido
Mike & Wendy with their Rapido, Madam in the background ready for lunch.

After leaving Rob & Helens at Snells Beach after a morning cuppa, we met Mike & Wendy with their new French A class Rapido at Shakespeare Bay, Whangaparoa. I went to school with Mike last century and Fiona met Wendy at Tech not long after 🙂

The Rapido is based on a Fiat Ducato, with a centre island bed with a HUGE garage across the back. Very comfortable and very similar to the Dethleffs Esprit 
Mike likes his knick knacks so its great for him to have this amazing amount of storage 🙂

We’ve been trying to get together with them for some time so it was nice to finally have lunch together. They had spent the night at Shakespeare Park and ready to toodle back to Devonport.

The Girls whipped up some Lunch
The Girls whipped up some Lunch
Rafe & the Rapido at Shakespeare Park
Rafe & the Rapido at Shakespeare Park

After a nice lunch and swapping notes, it was great for each of us to come away having learnt something about our vans. Mike being a Certified Gasfitter and Plumber, has done some really clever things with both the gas and the water. .. Auto changing gas bottles and outside shower and other things too!

It was nice to see them enjoying their new Motorhome.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch at Shakespeare”

  1. Chris, This is good for us being so far away and we miss seeing you guys so this way of keeping up is good. A bit of geographical explanation would help. For example, I take it Shakespeare Park is part of Snells Beach which is where Tank Hetherington had their weekender.


    1. Shakespeare park is towards the end of Whangaparoa peninsula … There is an Auckland City council
      Park there now. Motorhomes a can stay there for $6 a night in a very nice park. You can see the city lights and what not.


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