The tenants are in and we’re off.

After a few last minute things to do to get the house ready for the tenants saw a couple of quick trips between Milford and Devonport but the tenants are in and it all looks good.

I celebrated with my first night away by catching up with long term friends Alan and Grant for a few cold ones and stayed the night at a reserve in Torpedo Bay in Devonport.
There were a few jobs to be done this week so we were in Milford until Saturday morning and now the fridge is pretty much sorted, we’re off.

At the Caledonian Reserve
At the Caledonian Reserve

The forecast was evil. Thunder and lightning was due and it was blowing a cross wind for most of the way north. We stopped for brunch at the Cider Shed just north of Warkworth. We’ve been there a few times before and they’re always good for a nice feed. There is a nice big level carpark making it easy to park large Motorhomes.

After a good break, we headed further north to Wellsford and then finally Waipu. Checking out the new NZMCA bible, we found the Caledonian park behind the shops. What an amazing place to stay. With power too, all for $10 a night.

Fiona with the menu in McLeod tartan at the Pizza Barn
Fiona with the menu in McLeod tartan at the Pizza Barn

We walked down to the McLeod Pizza Barn so Fiona felt right at home(she’s a McLeod) after an hour or two there we walked back to Rafe at the Caledonian Park.

All the Motorhome parks at the Caledonian park .. All with power and water.
All the Motorhome parks at the Caledonian park .. All with power and water.
The Celtic Barn at the Caledonian Park
The Celtic Barn at the Caledonian Park

By midnight it was raining pretty steadily and about 3am it was all in thunder and lightning. With the huge roof vent above our bed, it was fun watching the fun and games above. By the sounds of it, nothing like what they had back in Auckland.

On Sunday, we thought we’d head up to Whangarei and have a nosey around. We parked in the Motorhome parking in the Town centre while we had brunch. Whangarei is very Motorhome friendly with plenty of parking for bigger vehicles and several dump stations. The town centre is a fantastic place where it seems half of Whangarei meets, lunches and enjoys the ambience.

After a few hours of taking it all in, we set off to try a new park we heard about on the NZMCA Northland Facebook page called Pohe Bridge. A big carpark next to a new bridge. There is a cycle way / walkway which goes all around the harbour from the bridge and back again. Off came the bikes and we were heading back into the town centre again. Across a foot bridge, through the town centre and back along the northern side and back to Rafe.
We opted not to stay there, only because the sun was shining and we fancied getting some mileage out of our Doc pass which we’ve hardly used, and thought Uretiti beach seemed like a nicer spot with the beach.

Our first night at Uretiti
Our first night at Uretiti
Fiona on the Uretiti bridge
Fiona on the Uretiti beach

A walk and sit on the beach for a while and we settled down for the night.

3 thoughts on “The tenants are in and we’re off.”

  1. Hi Guys-Chloe and I spent Saturday night at Sullivans Bay. Wow what a show. We had two really good storms during the night and early morning. At 2.00am I said to Chloe ” You have to watch this” Just as I opened the roof blind there was this almighty flash and….I could’t see for the next couple of minutes. Greatest Thunder and Lightning show I have ever seen. Regards Rob Sutherland


    1. It must have been fun. I love a good thunder storm especially when you’re tucked up somewhere safe.
      Waipu had a few good cracks but nothing as good as Auckland got.
      Must be time for another catch up.


  2. Yes, most definitely another catch up. We are off tonight to Leigh for the Northland Xmas rally. Had a huge busy week as I have been away hiking . Did the Tarawera Trail and had a fab time in Rotorua. Haven’t been there for yonks and really enjoyed it so we will now put that on the list for our late January trip. We have New Years Eve 3 nights at Sullivans Bay and heading North somewhere for 4 nights from the 26December. What are your plans around that time? Also, how did Torpedo Bay go? We have bailed on Rob’s work do at this stage which is a shame but we have become incredibly busy between now and the bid day. Helen


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