No Yotts on the campground please

Last week, several members of the Takapuna – Devonport board did an about turn on their previously promoted position of supporting the Takapuna campground against their tussle against government and council funded Yachting NZ for yet another yotting facility on public land.  The outcome was a compromise where the campground will lose about 10% of its land for a hard stand for the yotts. At least the campground gets to stay.

Takapuna Beach Campground
Takapuna Beach Campground

Takapuna Camp ground on Takapuna Beach is one of only two campgrounds on the North Shore. It is on leased land from the council. I think if my memory serves me right, it was given to the council by a local Takapuna family to be used as a campground several generations ago and many people from everywhere have enjoyed the grounds and its proximity to the beach for years.

People enjoying lunch with the campground behind
People enjoying lunch with the campground behind

Yachting NZ were trying to build their HQ at the Strand, just down the beach but were rejected by the council. Even their past Chairman,  a well known yachtie, is on record of saying, the people of the North Shore have said no to building on the campground and learn when to give up.

Auckland City, compared to some of the smaller cities around NZ, is not one of the better supporters of dump stations and Motorhoming.
Yes they have some great coastal parks which they inherited from Auckland Regional Council and various benefactors over the years and they make them available to campers and Motorhomers, but they generally charge a lot for very little so every full serviced campground we have, we need to keep.

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