Yippee, we’re off again.

Fiona has been working full weeks pretty much since Christmas to cover for others having holidays so we’ve been a bit restricted in getting away times. But that’s finished now so as the saying go’s .. Bugger it we’re off !
I spent Thursday getting the Rotoiti bugs off the front of the van, cleaning the floors and getting some basic provisions and then picked Fiona up from work.
We headed out to Ardmore to stay with Alex, Sarah and the grandkids as its Liam’s birthday coming up and we will miss it. After a nice night with Alex and Sarah in the van, we left around 10am and after quick stops for water and fuel, we were off towards Taupo.
A brilliantly fine day, not a cloud in the sky, our first stop was to be Cambridge for lunch. With the new motorway having gone through, it’s amazing how much less traffic is in Cambridge now, to the point that our favourite church cafe has closed down. As we came in to Cambridge, we passed a cafe called the Red Cherry which we’d stopped at before.

The Red Cherry with Rafe down the road
The Red Cherry with Rafe down the road
The Red Cherry cafe
The Red Cherry cafe

Fantastic place. Plenty of parking around for big vehicles and they even sell their coffee Nespresso machine ready to take away.
A pretty cruisy run through Tirau, Putaruru and Tokoroa where Fiona woke up from a long zzzz. By then, we weren’t far from Taupo.
There is a neat rest area half along the road from Warakei to Taupo where you can look down over the Huka falls area. We stopped there for a cup of tea and then at Countdown in Taupo for ingredients for the curried chicken Fiona was making for tea.

The rest area out of Taupo
The rest area out of Taupo

At around 4, we arrived at Gary and Diannes place at Acacia Bay where we’re staying the night. They are currently adding a butlers pantry to the back of their current kitchen so we arrived just in time to help shuffle the pre are walls around 😎

Their new house is amazing with views back over the lake towards Taupo. There is a vacant section right next door which has me twitching a wee bit. The whole area is stunning. With all the builders vehicles around, we were parked next to Gary and Diannes new XLI. The vans looked good up their with the view of Taupo behind.
After a swim in the pool, it was time for tea and a few drinks. A great night with some great people in a lovely spot.

On Saturday morning, the concrete truck arrived and it was all on. Nigel, Gary’s concrete expert was on the job and turned the fresh pour into a masterpiece. Having screed my father in laws concrete floor for a garage we built him years ago, I know how difficult this is but Nigel made it look so easy and it was just a pleasure to see such a great result.

Rafe and Gary and Diannes Xli
Rafe and Gary and Diannes Xli

A good solid breakfast outside of bacon and eggs by Gary and we were set for the day.

Breakfast with the builders. Concrete in the background.
Breakfast with the builders. Concrete in the background.

The schedule for today is for a nosey around Taupo then off to Napier for the Art Deco week.

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