Lakefront views for free

After lifting in to place the pre made walls of the new scullery and enjoying another fantastic breakfast, Gary had a crack at Fiona’s sewing machine and fixed it ! Being clever with things like this and in his workshop from heaven, he managed to make it do the things it was supposed to do.
Gary and Dianne were heading to Auckland to see a show so after a couple of great days and nights with them and after saying our goodbyes, we left and headed into Taupo.

A visit to the dump station for emptying and water, then we stopped at one of the free waterfront Motorhome parks.

The cycling/walk track which go's right around the lakefront
The cycling/walk track which go’s right around the lakefront

We were right over the road from the Taupo park with a small train for kids, a superloo where you can have a shower and tidy yourself up for a few dollars, or play giant chess. It is also right in the middle of town and has a view all over the lake. You couldn’t be in a better spot. The sign writing on the road also allows for the magic 3 metres between vans for fire safety.

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Within minutes of arriving, we met our neighbours right next door and later some people from Whitianga in their caravan who are also heading to Napier.


We walked into town for lunch and Fiona did the shops. I checked out the park and headed back to Rafe for a read and a general blob.
Later our neighbours popped in for a sundowner.

Another great day on the road.

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