Bruce’s Drawers

While we were in Napier in the waterfront park, who should also be there amongst the 150 odd motorhomes but Bruce and Raewyn in their Dethleffs Sunlight.  They came in a little later than us and were lucky to get a waterfront view site where they could put out their awning.  You can see the back of us on the left in the background. We spent a very pleasant happy hour with them with some others one night.

Bruce and Raewyns Sunlight
Bruce and Raewyns Sunlight

When they took delivery of their new van just before Christmas, it was missing a knife and forks drawer and just came with a shelf where you could put a plastic tray down on non slip.

Bruce decided that he was going to go one better and took the shelf out and make some drawers so he could make better use of the space.  After finding that the veneer used in the rest of the van was almost impossible to get, he cannibalised the shelf into drawer fronts so he could match the colour of the van.

Bruce with his drawers
Bruce with his drawers

He measured up and bought some soft close drawer sliders and made three drawers to accommodate all their kitchen bits and bobs. A big improvement and one that really adds to the functionality of their galley area.

The Cupboard closed
The Cupboard closed

It really looks the part.  ..Well done Bruce

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