Ye Olde Hotel and Campgrounde

We came through here years ago and simply stopped for a drink but my old boating mate Alan, used to come here years ago for election night parties with his buddies.

Fiona enjoying the pool
Fiona enjoying the pool

It was on the market not so long ago and I believe it now has new owners and they’re really getting stuck in

The path to the pools, camping area to the right
The path to the pools, camping area to the right

The camping ground at the Okoroire Hotel has all been cleaned up and while it is not particularly flat, (bring your ramps) for its money it is good value. $10 a night each gives you power, loos and you’re right next to the track down to the newly restored hot pools by the Waihou river. There are three pools on the riverbank above the river.  The pools are $5 each to use. An amazing setting.

The hotel itself is just up the road a bit and was first built in the 1880’s and was setup as a stopping point for the stagecoaches from Auckland, heading south. You can also stay at the hotel and there is also a 9 hole golf course. What more could you want?

OkoroireWe arrived here directly from crowds of people at the balloon event so it was nice just to blob out with some peace and quiet but Fiona’s keen to stay another night so it must be good.

2 thoughts on “Ye Olde Hotel and Campgrounde”

  1. That was a blast from the past 🙂
    The pools look way more appealing, they used to be almost mud pools on the side of the river, do they still have a sand/earth bottom? Differently not a head under the water pool but very relaxing.
    The pub looks just the same, but perfect for an escape.


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