Stratford Pioneer Village

This was a real discovery as when I first arrived, they immediately said that they allowed Certified Self Contained Motorhomers to stay overnight. A great discovery as it doesn’t say anywhere and doesn’t seem to appear on any apps that I use. .. Now we know.

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Cafe over the carpark
Cafe over the carpark

The Pioneers village is just outside Stratford on the southern side and is a collection of 40 plus pioneer buildings set up as a village and done very well.

Okato Cottage
Okato Cottage
Inside Okato Cottage
Inside Okato Cottage

Many of the buildings have come from the area and have their full history with them so it’s a great record of who did what locally and the the buildings are well setup for visitors.

Many of the local families have donated all sorts of furniture, clothes and their old homes to make it happen.
imageThere is also a train with carriages on a track that surrounds the entire village. Board member Raewyn was the train driver on the day and was very helpful with showing me what was there.

Plenty of parking
Plenty of parking

There is an adjoining cafe which has a great selection of food for lunches and coffee stops so a good place to stop and as I said, very easy parking.

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