Glorious Gravel

One of our favorite parks that we use a lot too, is Ardmore by the airfield. Its a great park and usually full of some interesting people as well.

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The wide view
The wide view with the new gravel

We were on our way to Coromandel with our friends Rob, Helen and Chloe and to avoid the morning traffic we checked in with Rafe and their Tracker for the night.  We arrived first and soon after we  found we were next to another Dethleffs, some  people that  that we’d met some months ago, Liz and Dave in their Esprit.

The front row
The front row

It was time for a drink so they came over to Rafe and soon after Rob, Helen and Chloe arrived and joined in too.

Dave and Liz's Dethleffs Esprit next to Rafe on the new Gravel
Dave and Liz’s Dethleffs Esprit next to Rafe on the new Gravel

The biggest thing about Ardmore now is the massive amount of gravel that now covers the old grass area at the back. What a huge difference it makes and also extends the useable area of the park.
Its level too which is great.

Well done to those who make it such a great park.

ArdmoreWe had a great night there and in the morning were up early to get away to Coromandel.

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  1. Chris, feel free to drop in on us at Flaxmill Bay if you are still on the road and passing.


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