Gravel at the Park

The NZMCA parks are amazing value. Where else can you stay for $3 each overnight and have that nice warm fuzzy safe feeling of not waking up with a mattress van or worse a few inches from your pride and joy.

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The Entrance
The Entrance

We checked out the Rainbow Falls park recently and after some pretty heavy rain too. After seeing some comments about how slushy it was, its nice to see enough gravel has gone down to provide parking for 6 or so big Motorhomes or Caravans. I gather this is slowly going to spread as the grass grows. Great idea.

RainbowThe local crew have done a fantastic job of the gardens around the Lighthouse too.

Great Gardens too

There were only two caravans there when we arrived and with a fine day forecast for the next day, we made plans to walk down the river right next door with the amazing Rainbow Falls, down to the historic Stone Store. The idea was to have lunch down there and walk back.

Interesting too that the Falls were used to generate one of NZ’s power as one of the first power stations.

RainbowWe hopped over the fence and got about fifty yards to find the track had been closed off due to “upgrading” so took the car out for a look around instead. I wandered around the top and got some piccies of the falls which was about as far as you could go.

We have been here before in the middle of Summer and it truly is a magic spot. Fiona did the walk last time and I met her down there.

Outside the Stone Store at Kerikeri
Outside the Stone Store at Kerikeri last time we were here.

Its a lovely spot now and will be popular in Summer and once the Gravel program is finished, it’ll be a great all year round spot to stay.

Well done to those involved.

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  1. We’re hot on your heels, there are 11 units here at Rainbow Falls tonight though (Dec 2). Lots of birds around including a delightful pair of waxeyes (I think). Love your photos. Thank you for sharing them.


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