The Roller Coaster to Napier

We set off around 10am to different parts of Taupo.

Rob, Helen and Chloe had to visit the dump station and water, we needed fuel and Gary and Dianne had to pop in briefly to see old friends on the way out. We were meeting at De Brett’s on the Napier road out where we later met and we were under way.

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The convoy in the car park
The convoy in the car park

The road was in good shape and there really wasn’t much traffic to speak of. We were planning to stop at the Tarawera Cafe where there used to be a pub. You can also stay the night there as well with your CSC Motorhome.

How the Hotel was
How the Hotel was

Its interesting on a windy road how hard it gets to try and get people to overtake you. They travel along half way up your backside and when there’s an opportunity to pass and you move over for them, they sit tight. There was one car that followed Gary first and them came up behind me. It didn’t matter how easy I was making it, the bugger wouldn’t  move on !

It was good to get to Tarawera Cafe and have a nosey around and I was really looking forward to the coffee at that stage. The really windy and up and down stuff was still to come on the road.

After half an hour or so we set off.. All very uneventful and again I was pleasantly surprised how little traffic there was.

We arrived in Napier early in the afternoon and after a quick trip to the supermarket, we headed to one our favourite spots at Clifton Beach.  Its just such a nice spot here and we keep coming back. We had a great night having a few glasses of the wet stuff and a meal out in the sun.  A great day..


The Tracker image to Clifton Beach
The Tracker image to Clifton Beach

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