The Birds

I didn’t ever think I’d ever become a birdwatcher but when you sit down and watch them, its crazy how clever they are and what they get up to.

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A quiet day at Rays Rest
A quiet day at Rays Rest

I’d popped in to one of my favorite spots on the Firth of Thames, Rays Rest. I’ve done a couple of posts on Rays Rest over the last year or so and although I haven’t been here for a while, it is one of my all time favorite places to stay.
Its not popular with Fiona but I suspect that’s because there are no shops there or “anything to do” but that’s its charm. 🙂  Your choices are to Blob and to Blob.. just great.

Rays RestIt wasn’t particularly busy being a Wednesday afternoon but stinking hot.
The birds were amazing as just before the tide turned, they’re were all quite happily sitting on the sand banks and then it was like someone had blown the whistle. They were off to spread themselves out along the edge of the water for a feed and then follow the water as the tide went out. Its amazing just watching them following the water.

The weather was due to change and pour with rain. No problem here as it is all well draining sand. There is always a friendly face here too and its amazing who you meet.

The local horses came down for a swim too
The local horses came down for a swim too

I also did a Netspeed speed test here and was amazed it was so good given that it is a rural area and quite remote. See below.

Download: 41.19 Mbps
Upload: 24.30 Mbps
Ping: 54 ms

Rafes Tracker map is below for its location.

Rafes Tracking map
Rafes Tracking map for the trip back to Akld