The Boulders

I can’t believe the great weather we have had in the South Island. Almost every day has had temperatures of around 17C plus and perfect blue sky. Today was no different as we left Dunedin.

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In the carpark

Our first stop was to check out the famous Moeraki boulders. Its interesting that the signposts for the boulders all point to a restaurant above the beach which provides a nicely made set of steps and track to get down to them. Clever marketing I thought!


We parked in the huge carpark and wandered down to the beach where there were already a good number of people with their iphones getting piccies of the boulders. These are amazing. Apparently they’re over 5.5 million years old and were made on the sea floor with mud!

Interesting shapes and they certainly drew a large crowd while we were there.

Next stop was Oamaru for lunch. We stopped down in a large carpark by the Historical Precinct and had a wander around through the old buildings and shops. We were only here a few years ago and it has changed quite a bit since then.

The Criterion hotel

While I was standing in the middle of the road in the old precinct, a chap on a penny farthing came screaming around the corner! Later when I checked out my images, the best one was with his eyes shut looking really brave 🙂

The man on his Penny farthing

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Its always a pleasure looking around Oamaru and I can see why my old friend Grant and his family moved here. Its got a lovely feel and atmosphere to it.

The waterfront

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  1. Love Oamaru – but also Moeraki Village, you’ll have to call in there next time and great place to camp up. Regarding the access to the boulders – probably the better option as the carpark at the beach level seems to have become a “public” toilet!


  2. What an amazing blog you are doing. Enjoying every minute of it and so informative. We are in the Franz Joseph Park at the moment. Biiked up to the glacier carpark through stunning bush. We are in an 8.3 m Traillite with little Suzi behind and started our dream 2 weeks ago from Taupo. Have 2018 to explore the wonderful S Is


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