Back to Nature at RiverGlen

With a river flowing around it and easy to walk through bush, this really is a lovely spot to stay.

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The River

I dropped in out of the blue and with my NZMCA card was charged $10 with power which I thought was amazing. This included some Wifi, access to Toilets, Showers and a well set up Kitchen.

Plenty of space

After settling down with Rafe, opening some vents and plugging in, I set off to have a look around.

Nice Bush

I was blown away by the beauty of the bush and the river. There are quite few permanent Caravans attached to buildings set up as Baches but not many of them were occupied.

Perfect spot

Although I could get some wifi via my Netspeed connection, it was a bit ropey and the cell phone service was erratic too. Even text messages were tough going but it is all about enjoying talking to each other and enjoying the scenery.

Great river

Only 3k’s from the Coroglen pub on a nicely formed gravel road, it is easy to get to.

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I spent a very pleasant couple of hours chatting to a couple of 20 something year old Danish Soldiers who had recently been in Afghanistan which was really interesting as my youngest son was there in NZ’s first rotation when he was 17 about 2001.  They’re both travelling around NZ together in a small van.

A really nice spot, nice hosts and really good value.

Rafe’s Tracker map