Illume and 200 year Celebrations

The Illume Festival in Coromandel was one not to be missed. The last time I was at this event was in 2016 so a return visit was well overdue 🙂

Click on an Image to enlarge.This year the good folk of Coromandel were also celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the the HMS Coromandel which the town and peninsular are named after.

Neat gear

The Thames Coromandel District Council, local businesses and locals all pitch in to make this a great event. Nearly all the local shops are dressed up with decorations based on lights and there were several stalls selling food.

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At 7pm the main parade started where there where everyone was dressed up and adorned with led lights.  It was a great scene.

A great event which was topped off by a massive fireworks display.

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