Stewart Island, here we come!

Over the last few trips we’ve done to the South Island, there’s always been something getting in the way of us getting to Stewart Island. Last time, it was a stonking great tax bill that we weren’t expecting that made us change a few things. It later turned out to be incorrect.

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The new NZMCA park at Turangi.

This time, we had our ducks in a row and all was looking good as we headed down Auckland’s southern motorway towards Turangi. It has been a few years now since our last attempt at the south island so we were looking forward to the month or so on the mainland.

The idea is to head straight to Stewart Island and tick it off before anything gets in the way 🙂 and then Milford sound on the boat and anything else we find along the way.  Exciting times!!

A Nice park like setting.

We’d penciled in the new Turangi NZMCA park as it is years since we had a good look around Turangi.

Cruising in to Turangi, we had a quick look around the town before going to the park. Checking in at the park.. its a biggy with two levels of parking. Its like it is set up as the grand circle and the stalls but nicely done.

Being only 10 minutes walk from the township, its a great place for checking out Turangi.

Its also quiet and secure too. A great place to park on your way south (or north).  Well done to the volunteers who set it up.

Rafe’s tracker map to Turangi – Armada GPS