Covi Motorhome Show 2023

They never disappoint despite the fact that this was smaller than previous years. It was cancelled last year due to Covid too, so many were really looking forward to this one.

I arrived on the Wednesday afternoon to arrange the Dethleffs Owners group parking next in the Alexander Park carpark pretty much behind the scoreboard which was a primo spot.

Click on any Image to ENLARGE.

Dethleffs parking

There was a race meeting on the Friday night. Fiona came over after work in the car and we went out for tea at the Lone Star under one of the new Apartment buildings next to the grandstand. The front of the restaurant all opened up to the track so you could watch the racing which was amazing.

Alexander Park right next door.

When I was about 20 odd, one of my roles as a junior Herald Photographer was to do the night trots. It was a mission as the horses are largely black and the background is black too so a bit of chemical trickery was required to make it happen with the low light on film 🙂  think 1970’s.

Our parking for the event

With all the storms we’ve had recently, Alexander Park raceway suffered some pretty awful damage to their track and had to relay the track. The pile of shells was our windbreak from the southerly wind if one was to eventuate 🙂

On with the show ….  One of the highlights of the show for me was to see the new Kiwi Caravan made by ACM Motorhomes. It’s called the Romotow and is modelled on the principle of a Swiss army knife.

The Robotow is a polished looking beast. I’ll let the pictures below tell the story. The list price is $429k.

Click on the Gallery below for an Enlarged Slideshow of the Romotow!

ACM is owned by a very clever qualified boatbuilder, Chris Cunard and they repaired my floor in Rafe a few years ago when it started to misbehave. I now have one of the few motorhomes in the world where the vinyl now matches across all the hatches in the floor! Very tidy job and you can see more on ACM here.

The Morelo Palace

The other thing I was pleased to see was the Morelo Palace with a small Toyota half out of the rear garage. They’re an impressive motorhome and have everything that opens and shuts.

Click on the Gallery below to see enlarged images of the Palace.

The trend to smaller Motorhomes and Caravans still seems to be the way things are going.

Click on the Gallery below for an Enlarged Slideshow.

There was an interesting little teardrop there too at 28k too.

It was nice to see the fine crew on the NZMCA stand again with #1 Motorhome.

The smiley faces at the NZMCA stand

The show was quite a bit smaller than previous years but just as interesting and with all the main players there.

RV Super Centre
Second Hand area outside.

A big thanks to David Culpan for helping us with the Dethleffs parking.

Rafe’s tracker map to our parking at Alexander Park. – Armada GPS

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