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The Vista escape cabin

With the weather behaving the way it is, its time for some offshore Motorhoming news.

escape-vista-1New on the market is the Escape Vista Mobile Cabin from US$27,000

escape-vista-4It is described as modern architecture on wheels and while its not the Motorhome that we’re used to it, it is too nice to ignore.

escape-vista-3It is clad in cedar, has all the essentials. A bed, fridge /freezer, sink, some storage, a shower, toilet and also has a washer and dryer.

It can be fitted with optional extras like Solar power, different glass and on board water tanks.escape-vista-2

For more info check out Escape Vista Mobile Cabin

Big Mommas Great Adventure

Somewhere in Portugal .. pic by Eric

I’ve been following Eric and Shazza’s adventures via their blog for more than a year now and they’ve been an inspiration for this blog and for fulltiming here in NZ.¬† Eric writes most of the blog and takes the pictures and is a real character.

They’ve got an 9m odd Autotrail Commanche¬† which is very comfortable and have had some interesting moments with small streets… well worth a read.

Eric and Shazza's Autotrail, somewhere in Portugal
Eric and Shazza’s Autotrail, somewhere in Portugal – Pic by Eric