A beautiful place with the Sun

Fiona arrived at Waipu just after 11 from Auckland so we set off for Whananaki . We’d never been there before and were looking forward to it. Fiona followed in the Qashqai and after a quick stop at the dump station in Whangarei, we were off. The turnoff is just after Hikirangi and from there it 20 odd k’s of a really windy road in parts. 

Coming in to Whanakake
Coming in to Whanakake

As we came into Whananaki, it was a sight to behold. What a lovely place. It is largely populated with amazing little baches but there is a Camping Ground there.  We were heading to the DOC park in Otamuri bay over the hill.

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Otamuri. The camp is behind the trees
Otamuri. The camp is behind the trees
Otamuri .. off peak !
Otamuri .. off peak !

It’s a huge park right on the beach with all the usual DOC non smelly long drop loos but not much else but a beautiful spot.  After all the rain we have had, the sun was out and for the middle of June, it was quite hot and very pleasant. 

I went for a drive back over the hill in the car to get some piccies of Whananaki  and a walk on the beach for a look around. 

We sat out in the sun with a cold one, with some cheese and crackers and after tea in the Mitzi, retired to Rafe to watch some rugby.

 Us enjoying the sunset at Otamuri
Us enjoying the sunset at Otamuri – Cell ph pic

No cellular coverage so no internet. We got to talk to each other 😃 But a fantastic spot to stay.

2 thoughts on “A beautiful place with the Sun”

  1. FWIW, Cellular coverage is found in Otamuri peak periods by watching the Mellenials all crowd around the wooden chair along the edge of the boat ramp path.

    If your tongue hangs out left and your right arm is fully extended over the ramp while balancing on your RIGHT leg and extending your left leg toward the beach you can _just_ get a signal and all your outstanding txts ‘ping’ like mad an then you lose it again. (Only half joking 🙂 )

    Seriously though, after a week there a couple years back the seat was almost the only spot we got a connection on a cellphone. I’d be interested to see how your booster aerials did if you parked just at the top of that ramp for 5 mins if you ever return 👍


    1. Hi Neil
      It was quite nice to have a day or two off the internet. We drive up to the top of the hill towards Whananake to get some important texts and emails away so all good. We also had amazing excuse not to have to reply straight away too😎
      I’ll remember your advice re the ramp .. We’ll be back there. It’s a great spot, even in winter!


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