Yum Yum

We’ve called into this establishment quite a few times recently and it has been consistently good with nice food.


The best part is its always easy to park Rafe. There is a huge carpark out the back which you can’t really see from the road.

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Plenty of room
Plenty of room

cafeThey have an area for dogs, some pigs to entertain the kids and inside you can buy useful stuff for your motorhomes.. mostly kitchen stuff.

It is called Woodturners Café and is about 200 metres towards Ngatea from the Tauranga/Paeroa turnoff (Highway 2) on state highway 27.

The Detectives
The Detectives

Its always handy to know where to stop where there is  Motorhome friendly parking.

6 thoughts on “Yum Yum”

  1. Have passed here many times but stopped here Sunday on your recommendation.Really yummy and very friendly staff.
    We have a CI Magis66 (built in Italy) which we love!!! We had also looked at many,many makes.Arrived in October.
    We have picked up on some of your other blogs to visit different places and thumbs up to all of them.Ellen


      1. WE have also been out Awhitu a couple of times but next time you go you could try the CAP at Grahams Beach.($7.00)Just opposite the beach and lots of space.Liked it much better than the camping Ground at Orua.
        We also had a weekend at Okororie we enjoyed with 9 hole golf course and lovely hot pools.It isn’t in our book but knew about it as my hubby had done the bike race from here 2 years.It is owned by the beautiful old Okoririe Hotel. I think we paid $20 for a key to the pools and had it all the time we were there.We were the only people in the pools each time we went.Nice cheapie dinners in the pub.There were only 3 vans there but it wasn’t the height of summer.
        Also a great weekend was had at the DOC camp at Kauaranga Valley out from Thames.We were told not to go into the first camp area but into the 3rd or 4th,where no dogs allowed and parked right beside the stream.Lots of walks…just beautiful.
        Next from your “blog” we are thinking of trying Whananaki.
        Last Christmas we had 3 weeks on East Cape(fantastic),this year we are going to the South Island so may leave the bus in Queenstown to use again at Easter before bringing it home


      2. Hi Ellen
        That’s great.. I did a post on Okoroire, it’s a neat place. We were going to go there quite recently but it was rained out and had gone mushy for heavy vans.
        Have fun at Whanakaki, we stayed at the doc park over the hill.


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