Off to the Beach

After a great night at Wallingford Homestead, we woke up to a beautiful blue sky so I retook some of the piccies and after that we headed off done the road towards Porangahau.
Jen at Wallingford Homestead has told us a about a great Cafe where we should have lunch at but none of us could find it 🙂
We headed off down to Porangahau and then down to the beach.

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Porangahau Beach
Porangahau Beach

There is a free overnight parking area there just behind the beach which was being well used but still room for more. The beach is stunning and goes for miles.

Porangahau Beach
Porangahau Beach freedom camping area

Rob, Helen and Fiona went for a quick walk along the beach before Rob, Helen and Chloe left us there to head down to Cape Turnagain to see the Seals. We’d sort of lost Gary and Dianne at that point but figured they must be on the road to Herbertville somewhere.

Fiona, Helen and Rob walking along Porangahau Beach
Fiona, Helen and Rob walking along Porangahau Beach

After a cup of tea beside the campground, we headed off towards Herbertville, still looking for the mysterious cafe but happy to find anything else.

The longest name in the world
Fiona checking out the longest name in the world

We decided in the end to keep heading towards the Dannevirke Campground where we’d stayed before. It’s a magic little spot in the Dannevirke Domain run by the local council. The laundry there got a good workout as we all got the clothes cleaned up and we were ready to go again.image
We had a nice catchup under awnings with a few glasses of wine. Another nice day.

Rafe's Track to Dannevirke
Rafe’s Track to Dannevirke