Employee of the month at Tui Brewery :-)

We left Dannevirke camping ground around 10 am and after a quick top up with diesel and to the Dannevirke Supermarket, we were under way. We had just gone through Woodville when Fiona noticed a gift shop that might have some old plates to update our ones in Rafe. About 15 minutes later, Gary and Dianne came around the corner in Rosie and stopped.. They had just been through the Manawatu gorge and back after missing the turnoff :-). Fiona had just come back when they were away again.

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imageWe hadn’t gone very far when we arrived at the Tui Brewery. For those overseas, Tui is well known for the quirky billboards with clever advertising.

Fiona with the girls!
Fiona with the girls!

It’s also well known for their TV ads with the hot girls who are the workers so we had to get Fiona in on the act with their board with Employee of the month. With the old building covered in scaffolding, they must be giving it some love.
imageThere’s a great big carpark there so easy Motorhome parking and they look like they do great lunches. You can also do tours of the brewery too. A good place to stop.
We cruised on and stopped just outside Masterton and made our own lunch before heading on to Castlepoint.
imageI’d booked the three of us into the Holiday Park there and they had allocated us an amazing park for three on the top of the hill looking out over the beach.

Our wee spot in the world. Rafe, Rosie and the Tracker
Our wee spot in the world.
Rafe, Rosie and the Tracker

We were all blown away. The weather was amazing so we were going to have a great night. Click here to see the earlier post on New Year’s Eve.

Rafe's track to Castlepoint
Rafe’s track to Castlepoint

2 thoughts on “Employee of the month at Tui Brewery :-)”

  1. Hi Chris, what is the device you have on board that allows you to capture your route? Judy and I are keen on something like that, especially as we have 4G on board now.


    1. Hi Bruce
      We have a commercial grade tracker which plugs in to the ignition system. My son sells them. It’s part of the Snitch / Armada system. I’ll find out more and email you when I get back to Auckland.


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