Fun & Games at Bland Bay

It was this time a year ago that we went to our first ever NZMCA rally in Northland. A really nice bunch of people and there were in excess of 90 Motorhomes in attendance, quite a few of them from Auckland.

A magic spot just south of the Bay of Islands right on the water.  It was only our 5th or 6th trip away in a relatively new machine so we were still very much finding our way so when the North Easterly gusts of 30-40 knots odd rolled in around 11pm and the van started rocking, it was a bit interesting 🙂

We arrived around 2pm on the Saturday afternoon. Many of them had arrived the previous day so all the primo waterfront spots were all taken.. that was before we found out about the wind, then we were quite relieved to be a row back!

The Games started soon after we arrived.. lots of fun and good to see everyone having a good laugh.

We met Rob & Helen  who have become good friends since and we spent the the next night with them in the Russell RSA carpark. The following night we spent at Uretiti Doc park another magic place in the world.

Uretiti Doc park with the Awning out
Uretiti Doc park with the Awning out

If I remember correctly, that was the first time we used the awning and the BBQ gas jack.. funny what you remember.. a great weekend away.

Big Mommas Great Adventure

Somewhere in Portugal .. pic by Eric

I’ve been following Eric and Shazza’s adventures via their blog for more than a year now and they’ve been an inspiration for this blog and for fulltiming here in NZ.  Eric writes most of the blog and takes the pictures and is a real character.

They’ve got an 9m odd Autotrail Commanche  which is very comfortable and have had some interesting moments with small streets… well worth a read.

Eric and Shazza's Autotrail, somewhere in Portugal
Eric and Shazza’s Autotrail, somewhere in Portugal – Pic by Eric

Easy Clothesline

Ready for the towels
Ready for the towels
Ready for the road
Ready for the road

Today I installed a clever Fiamma clothesline that integrates with the bike rack we had installed a week or so ago. The nice part about it is it stays on the back, whether you’ve got bikes or not. It simply unfolds.

Perfect for the towels after a shower or the tea towels and flips out in seconds.

Wow .. How is that Black!

Tough painting on your knees amongst the plants. The base of the steps look great.

The black really looks good … More rent ?  🙂

We’re online !

We had the property manager today to list the house for renting. I’ve been busy painting trellis by brush ! .. The spray gun started to paint things I didn’t want painting so it ended up in the big green bin……

Why are we doing all this ? … To hit the road fulltime.. so  Bugger it, We are off

We’ve done the sums and by renting the house out, along with some other income, we can live very happily on the road….

Sir Rafe on the park we made by chopping down an oak tree and installing a gate.
Rafe on the park we made by chopping down an oak tree and installing a gate.

Fiona & Chris, two empty nesters put their dreams of doing something different into reality… Living in their Motorhome, come along for the ride.

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